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We warmly welcome you to mondefusta, under the banner of “Sustainable Carpentry“.

We are a carpentry company with family roots and modest dimensions, rooted in the peaceful island of Mallorca. Since our beginnings, our work has been passionately focused on the art of woodworking, creating unique and practical pieces that reflect our firm commitment to nature and environmentally friendly design.

At mondefusta, sustainability guides every step of our process. We carefully select responsibly sourced woods and use eco-friendly inputs to ensure our creations are not only aesthetically appealing, but also environmentally friendly.

With many years of presence in the Mallorcan market, our experience and dedication to excellence have allowed us to participate in a wide variety of exciting and challenging projects. Each member of our team brings valuable knowledge and shares a deep passion for carpentry, which is reflected in every detail of our work.

From the production of doors and blinds to the creation of unique environments through homes built with wood, to the manufacture of custom kitchen furniture or personalized home or office furniture. Every project is an opportunity to merge natural beauty with functionality.

We value the close relationship with our clients and are proud to be part of the transformation of their homes and work spaces.

We invite you to explore our creative and dedicated approach to woodworking. We look forward to sharing with you the authentic experience that mondefusta offers.

We respect wood and aim to be sustainable, which is why we extend our commitment to its maintenance and care through the use of ecological products from our Osmo line.

Mondefusta, your trusted carpentry in Mallorca.

Opinions of our clients

19 years after the assembly of a huge closet to measure. It works and is kept in perfect condition… Great all around. Organization design and finishes…😍💪

Good work, professional, competent, fast and reliable. Thanks for the friendly service.

Everything perfect and beautiful!

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When the client shares their vision with us, we begin the conception and design process.


Our wide selection of woods ensures the quality and beauty of each project.


When our client gives the green light to the budget, we start production in our workshop.


Once we have designed and selected the materials, we begin the assembly and installation phase.