From a small detail to the structure of a building, through an entire “Mondefusta”.

Our services

corte y fresado de precisión 2D y 3D

2D and 3D precision cutting and milling

In our carpentry, we carry out a 2D and 3D precision cutting and milling process that combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. From intricate reliefs to bold three-dimensional designs, our team is able to transform wood into masterpieces that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Wooden doors

Each door is carefully designed and crafted with high-quality wood, highlighting the natural beauty of this noble material. From interior doors that add warmth and style to interior spaces, to entry doors that offer security and a touch of elegance to homes.

restauración de puertas grandes de madera
escalera con barandilla de hierro


Whether you are looking for an indoor staircase that elevates the aesthetics of your home or an outdoor staircase that combines strength and beauty, our variety of styles and finishes ensures that you will find the perfect staircase for your needs. Each wood staircase is a statement of style and durability, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in wood product manufacturing.

Outdoor furniture

Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted from high-quality wood, designed to withstand outdoor conditions and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking for furniture for your terrace, garden or patio, our selection ranges from elegant tables and chairs to comfortable sofas and loungers.

sillas de madera para exterior
mueble de cocina


Whether you need a center island to enhance your workspace or cabinets to optimize storage, our kitchen cabinets offer smart solutions for your culinary needs. With a variety of styles and finishes, our furniture brings warmth and elegance to the kitchen.